Barrington Coffee Roasters: Aricha

Barrington Coffee Roasters


Barrington just introduced two new single origin light roasts to their lineup and the Aricha immediately jumped out at me as an all around killer cup. This natural process Yirgacheffe is very fruit forward and bright without getting to harsh or acidic, bringing notes of honeydew melon, cantaloupe and mango. It keeps a hoppy bitterness on the back end that makes it very drinkable, and does so without getting overly boozy or syrupy, which can happen with the many variables that factor into a natural process Yirgacheffe. As it cools down these fruit notes are accentuated by a wider mouth feel than the initial first sips.  Its light body and slightly hoppy mouthfeel gives it a wonderfully splashy quality to it. Drinking this coffee reminds me of drinking a good Czech pilsner or a Kölsch on an early spring day in Amherst. Aricha pairs well with any and all weekend brunch foods, especially lighter fare, like a melon fruit bowl or a benedict.  All of these qualities combine to create the perfect cup for a Saturday morning brunch after hitting up the Watering Hole and Hugo’s the night before.